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CEDR Digital Corps

CRM set up - Salsa


Project details

Target skills

  • CRM

Project need

CEDR Digital Corps has the Salsa CRM that we need assistance setting up:

1. Identification and configuration of role-based security classes
2. Configuration of the forms and fields to easily access information on partners, other stakeholders (government agencies, media) and donors.
3. Set up of queries and dashboards to easily view, access and extract information on the various stakeholder groups
CEDR Digital Corps are digital helpers during disasters. One of the first things we do at activation is collect information on state and local agencies (website, social media etc) that we use to help us in achieving our goal of closing the information gap between the public and the agencies trying to help them during disasters. Currently this information is stored in Google Sheets, which is both cumbersome and decentralized.

Salsa is our CRM and while it is very powerful and relatively simple to set up we don't have the bandwidth to do the initial configuration. If it was configured properly we could load the current information we have on the spreadsheets into a centralized database, continue to add more information to the database and then simply pull the pertinent information from Salsa when an activation starts. This would save us at least eight hours of time during an activation that we can then focus our efforts on the disaster response.

The CRM should be our centralized repository for information on all our partners and stakeholders. Again, because we haven't configured it the records on discussions with stakeholders are in emails and various documents rather than being attached to a record in Salsa. As an all-volunteer organization this creates risk that institutional knowledge is lost when a volunteer moves on. -One of our team members has committed to be CEDR's project manager for this project.
-The President is committed to spend time with the volunteers to talk about requirements and support any testing needed
-We have a sample format of what information we collect at the start of an activation

Organization's mission

CEDR Digital Corps. coordinates the work of volunteers to create innovative technical solutions to challenges during disaster responses. We leverage technology, social media, and a rapidly scalable volunteer brigade, to quickly gather and vet critical information about conditions on the ground.

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