Taproot Plus is an online platform built by the Taproot Foundation that helps nonprofit professionals describe their needs and connect to a curated group of motivated, ready skilled volunteers with the right skills to help. We've built on our 17 years in pro bono to create a low-touch, high-impact model that makes pro bono easier to access and manage on both sides. A nonprofit and a skilled volunteer will work together on short-term, high-impact projects such as a video short or a competitor analysis. We teamed with neo, a leading product development and innovation consultancy based in New York, to build a digital product that brings Taproot's best practices to life in the nonprofit and skilled volunteer experience. Taproot Plus is launching with support from the Citi Foundation, PwC, HP, and the Kresge Foundation. Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions.

Nonprofit professionals:

  • Learn how to describe what they need and create a posting that's easy for skilled volunteers to understand and respond to.
  • Post a pro bono need and hear pitches from skilled volunteers who are willing to lend their time and talent to a nonprofit.
  • Pick the skilled volunteer who will work best for you.
  • Work together with confidence, knowing you can access Taproot tools and coaching support throughout the process.

Skilled volunteers who want to give their skills pro bono:

  • Describe your expertise—what skills do you have that a nonprofit needs?
  • Find the right types of pro bono opportunities for your skills and interests—are you interested in working with nonprofits that focus on education? Domestic violence? Children? We've got the right choice for you? Are you a marketer? A filmmaker? A financial analyst? There are opportunities for all types of skills.
  • Do meaningful work, make a difference in your community and meet new people.
  • In some cases, work is in-person; in others, it's virtual.
  • You'll be supported along the way by Taproot's team of skilled volunteers.

Taproot Plus is different from similar services because it:

  • Provides both in-person and virtual services
  • Uses staff support behind the scenes, to make sure everything goes smoothly
  • Is more than just matching. We guide nonprofits in articulating the right needs, selecting a skilled volunteer, and running a project; we guide skilled volunteers in articulating their skills, then pitching a nonprofit on how they can help.
  • Is free to both nonprofits and skilled volunteers.

About Taproot

The mission of the Taproot Foundation is to drive social change by leading, mobilizing, and engaging skilled volunteers in pro bono service. We seek to make pro bono service as ubiquitous and reliable in all professions as it is in the legal industry—bringing critical resources and talent to social ventures and creating high-quality engagement opportunities for skilled volunteers and companies.

In 17 years, we've:

  • Trained more than 15,000 professionals to be effective skilled volunteers.
  • Delivered more than 1.5 million hours of pro bono service ($140M in value) to more than 2,000 nonprofit organizations on more than 3,000 engagements.
  • Worked with over 40 Fortune 500 companies to build custom pro bono programs.